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The #GFVIP House is transformed into an atelier

The #GFVIP House is transformed into an atelier

Also for the #GFVip7 edition, the competitors of the most spied on house in Italy wear our clothes! And .. With the clothes of Relish the party is guaranteed!

The first evening of #GFVIP is about to come alive with an aperitif full of food, music and lots of fun. The VIPs George and Amaurys go to the Market to retrieve everything they need and with a new Relish look for the Vippone della Casa (Antonella Fiordelisi, Carolina Marconi, Giaele De Donà, Pamela Prati, Cristina Quaranta and the other competitors), the evening it has all the prerequisites to be full of so much joy and fun. what will happen in the next evenings? Follow Big Brother Vip to find out!

Antonella Fiordelisi Grande fratello vip Relish

Giaele De Donà Grande fratello vip Relish

Gfvip7 relish

Carolina Marconi grande fratello vip relish

Pamela Prati grande fratello vip relish

Antonella Fiordelisi gfvip7
Gialele De Donà gfvip 7 relish
The items worn by the competitors are from the next spring summer 2023 collection. At the next party in the #GFVIP7 house

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