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How to dress for smart working? Go easy and chic knitwear.

How to dress for smart working? Go easy and chic knitwear.

Call with Skype or Google Hangout, business video calls are not the easy ones in overalls with friends: choose your formal chic looks with ad hoc Outfits.

How to dress for smart working when you live constantly in call between computers, tablets and hot chats? There is also an important factor in all this delusion, being fashionable. Yes, sweaters, tops, knitted dresses, cardigans or blazers are the basic wardrobe pieces that can turn the mood of a meeting via Skype video call.

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The knitted dress

When it comes to smartworking clothing, one item in particular seems to be excluded from the conversation: The dress. Wearing a suit at home always raises some doubts and uncertainties. It is thought that it is too elegant for the context, that it risks ruining it, or that it is not exactly the most comfortable choice. How to combine the desire to show off a beautiful dress with the practical needs related to smartworking? The answer is the knit dress.

abito in maglia relish
abito in maglia relish


Smart working clothing must be in the name of comfort and make us feel free to move. The best idea for working from home in a cozy and glamorous way is a sweater, enveloping and trendy at the same time.

maglia relish
maglia relish


To fully enjoy the feeling of home comfort, the smartworking outfit must be completed with a soft cardigan. Long, crop or medium-length, these knitwear items are the compromise between a more elegant sweater and a sweatshirt that is too sporty.

cardigan relish
And if you are chilly, you can opt for a super Chic cape!

cardigan relish


If there is a garment that immediately works, this is the blazer. An indispensable ally also in smart working clothing mode. How to dress for a business meeting via Skype? Just combine it with a simple pair of jeans (no one sees those, in theory!).

blazer relish


Discover all Relish knitwear items, cardigans and jackets for comfortable yet stylish smartworking!

Enjoy at work ;-)

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