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What we will wear when the next heat hits? Relish introduces you new spring/summer 2021 collection... With an incredible desire of revenge,rebirth and starting over stronger than ever; Starting from the “Fashion”, with strong styles of the italian essence up to “Roll up your sleeves”         for rebuild a new future step by step!
Relish anteprima nuova collezione spring summer 2021

Thinking about the fashion as a renewal of extreme femininity, increasingly sexy and glamour.
The surfaces from opaque will become reflective and fluid! Brilliant colors, shiny, fluorescent and iridiscent materials, inspired by Glam Rock 70'. Summer flashes and stardust from the most glamourous events to casuals occasions , to express your femininity with style!
Relish anteprima nuova collezione spring summer 2021

The advertising campaign represent sketches of everyday's life in normal domestic enviroments , precisely because  ..Strange but true, we cannot fail to notice how much fashion and everyday's life got closer than ever before.
Go to this link to watch the full video of the Spring/Summer 2021 advertising campaign.
Relish anteprima nuova collezione spring summer 2021

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